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The Quest of Galamar

The Quest of Galamar

Storyteller Series Book 2

The second book in the Storyteller Series, The Quest of Galamar, continues the tale of Lily Lightfoot and her friends Peter Everheart and Heather Whipple. Now that they've found their way into the True World, the friends must rely on the help of Lord Gabriel, an enchanted elf, now a manticore, to find Lily's captured grandmother, Gwendolyn.

Gabriel sends the three friends to find the full moon amulet, hidden deep in the mountains and guarded by a fierce dragon. The amulet, one of four moonstones created ages ago by the fabled elf warrior Galamar, holds the power of the Northern Portal keeper, Ironblood the dragon. Whoever possesses all four amulets has the power to recreate or destroy the True World. Gabriel's brother, Lord Kane, will stop at nothing to have the ancient powers for himself and keep Lily from fulfilling the Prophecy of Galamar.

On their epic journey, Lily learns more about magic, friendship, the power of forgiveness and finding the strength we all possess inside.

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