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The sun exploded on April 18, 2112—a Class X solar storm the likes of which humankind had never seen.

They had nineteen minutes.

Nineteen minutes until the geomagnetic wave washed over the Earth, frying every electrical device created by humans, blacking out entire continents, every satellite in their sky. Nineteen minutes to say goodbye to the world they knew forever, to prepare for a new Earth, a new Sun.

Generations after solar storms have destroyed nearly all human technology on Earth and humans have reverted to a middle ages like existence, all knowledge of the remaining technology is kept hidden by a privileged few—the Reticents- and books are burned as heresy. Alana, a disfigured slave girl, and Recks, a traveling minstrel, sometimes thief, find themselves in a struggle against this secret society to bring knowledge and books back to the human race. When a strange alien chooses Alana against her will to be the Vessel, the living repository for all human knowledge, Alana has to find the strength inside her to break free of the self-doubt holding her back. Little does she know that the fate of the entire planet is in jeopardy and her life will change in ways she never dreamt of.

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